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Hi!  I am working tirelessly to shine a bright light on the lived experience of disability, and to share that experience with you! Whether I am blogging about being a queer cripple, podcasting about access, or speaking to your school or community group about what the disabled experience feels like, I always want to know what you think, so I can be sure that my work helps you connect to the disabled experience. If you have worked with me on projects, seen one of my presentations, read my blog, been a podcast guest, or if you just think I'm sexy, etc. PLEASE fill out the form below.  


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Liam Wolf - Podcast Listener and Fan

When I saw Andrew’s documentary, I have to say, I cried. A lot. It was moving, relate-able, and real. I have never heard anyone put into words what I was thinking about my life as a queer man [I'm trans, too] who is disabled. I listen to his podcasts frequently, and they are refreshing. I feel like...finally, someone who gets its. Who gets that this world is harsh towards disabled people, especially the queer community. Who understands what it's like to show up at a bar and not be able to get in because it's not accessible. He says everything I wish I could say to the world, and for that, I am grateful.

Jay Austin - Adult Performer

Andrew interviewed me for his Disability After Dark podcast and I've been following his work in disability visibility and awareness and combating ableism since then. He is thoughtful, well spoken and easy to talk to and has opened my eyes to so many challenges that he and others with disabilities face. I Iook forward to working with him again in the future!

Lyn McGinnis - Bridges to Belonging Member

 Andrew had the ability to disarm people’s inhibitions with equal doses humour and fearless honesty. He had a very important message to tell both able-bodied and disabled persons. People with disabilities are just as human as anyone else. They are just as deserving of respect and dignity in this most fundamental aspect of being a human being. His stories about his own life, and his descriptions of the often shoddy treatment around sexuality issues disabled persons can receive both from PSWs and the medical profession were eye opening. His compassion and sincerity were well received and I am certain he had a profound impact on everyone in the room. Thank you Andrew for giving so much of yourself! Your work is vital and we are so grateful for your courage and honesty. We also must thank you for your infectious and abundant laughter!

Carmen Sutherland, Community Relations, Bridges to Belonging Disability Group

 Andrew came to present to my organization, Bridges to Belonging. He was incredibly humorous, honest, and informative, and I loved every minute of his message. I want to thank him for being so to share his knowledge with others, so that I and other wheelchair users, can feel less alone. I also appreciate him wanting to educate Personal Support Workers, so that everyone can have better sexual access. Thank you for a fabulous night, Andrew. :)

Scott Knox, Institute of Communication Agencies, IDEA Conference Coordinator:

At the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) inaugural IDEA Summit 2018, Andrew delivered a great keynote. Challenging the advertising & marketing industry's representation and targeting of people with disability, he made his points clear and professionally. He left the audience challenged and enlightened. He was just great.

Billy Huff, Director of LGBTQ Services, University of Florida:

I am the director of LGBTQ Affairs at University of Florida. In collaboration with the Disability Resource Center we invited Andrew to give a talk in recognition of National Coming Out Day and Disability Awareness Month. Andrew was open, compelling, hilarious, and sexy! Most importantly, I know that his talk inspired our students to work to make all of our spaces at University of Florida more queer and more accessible. I can't recommend him more for any campus or community group committed to a more just world.

Nate (University of Florida)

Andrew Gurza brings humor, life experience, and a myriad of queer and disability knowledge in a welcoming environment! Definitely hire him to come to your organization!

Avery (university of toronto student) 

Andrew gave a talk at one of our workshops here at University of Toronto Mississauga and it was one of the most open, honest and hilarious things I've attended all year. When talking about topics such as sex it is very difficult to really get a sense of others' experiences without getting too much into detail however, Andrew was able to captivate those who attended and did it responsibly but also informally to make things a bit more fun. It felt like he was having a conversation with all of us and I can say this is the first presentation I've attended which I didn't zone out in the middle of it. Highly recommend this guy, he's doing great things and makes important information so easy to learn and understand.

Mzilikazi Kone (instructor at University of California, Riverside) 

Andrew Gurza is a phenomenal speaker! He was an excellent collaborator for my class Gender and the Sex Trade at UC Riverside. He was excellent to work with, active with communications, hilarious, intersectional and brutally honest. His presentation on sexuality and disability invigorated the classroom and made way for critical questions and critique from the students. The class loved having him speak and I absolutely look forward to working with him again in the future.  


Amy Norton's podcast review

I discovered Andrew's work fairly recently following his appearance on Life in the Swingset (which was amazing by the way) and I've gone through most of the back catalogue of Disability After Dark. The work he's doing is so so important and amazing and there's been something to learn from every single episode. 

The most recent episode with JoEllen Notte was my favourite, though. As a person with depression who is also a sex blogger, sex educator, sex positive activist and (courtesy of one of my partners) "Sex Floof," Im always trying to balance my mental health with my sex adjacent work and, well, having an actual sex life. This interview was so so affirming, I found myself nodding along for almost the whole hour. I feel seen and I feel validated. Thank you Andrew and JoEllen for this and all the other amazing work you do!

Kai Moore's podcast review 

 I have spent the last 2 days binge listening to the podcast, between work and sleep. I absolutely love it. I am just about to start episode 16. I am a queer trans person who is hard of hearing, and suffers with bad joints. I am also a carer for the elderly as well as for my partner who is disabled. 

This podcast is so important and needs to be heard by more people. I especially love that Andrew doesn't discriminate against other minorities as we sometimes see with others raising awareness for different things. In one episode there was a comment about people that want to be disabled. Andrew was talking about different things that are similar, and said 'like people who want to be disabled, like people who want to be transgender,' I froze, my heart sank. I didn't want to listen to transphobia that I hear from cis queers all the time, but Andrew saved it! Andrew explained that the way it was said was wrong as you don't 'want to be transgender' you just are. 

So thank you Andrew! I look forward to hearing the rest of the episodes!

Jesse Steinbach (Special Projects editor, logo) 


Andrew brings a powerful, brave, provocative voice to his writing. He excavates topics that too often remain buried, forcing readers to examine their own assumptions, hidden biases, and privilege. His words both enrich and challenge, a combination that’s increasingly essential in today’s media landscape.

Brenna W. (university of northern iowa) 

Andrew was a natural public speaker and made the room feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics. His presentation was refreshing.

Dawn Serra's Review 

Andrew is a delight. His vulnerability and willingness to highlight the realness, the awkward stuff, the uncomfortable places is refreshing and powerful. We need more of this in the world and not the performative model we're all swimming in. A terrific writer and an engaging speaker, for sure.

Ross' review 

There are many things to like about Andrew Gurza "Disability After Dark." The first and most obvious is that he is one of the few people who is willing to talk honestly and openly about sex and desire and how it is compounded by the limits of disability. He's willing not only to talk about his desires as a queer cripple, but also to voice concerns others are afraid to approach: talking to care aids about sex or potential dates, even coming out as queer to his support workers; the grief and shame associated when people find his disability or his needs too much to handle. 
He's the first I've heard to publicly voice his fears around companionship and intimacy ranging from being left in a bathroom alone in the middle of the night unable to pull his pants up himself, to his desire to connect with someone emotionally who isn't afraid of his care needs. 
This isn't a podcast just for disabled persons or queer voices, it's a podcast for those who provide care as well. Sometimes I'm uncomfortable with what he has to say, but that is the value of his podcast. It shines the light, as he says on sex and disability, sometimes in place most would rather keep in the dark.

Jeremy's review 

Andrew gives voice and insight to a world that has gone overlooked for too long. At his core, he is a natural teacher and andvocate. He holds nothing back and has a rare confidence mixed with a warm and inclusive nature that helps to create a welcoming environment to learn and understand the important issues and emotions behind disability, LGBTQ issues, and human nature in general. In short, Andrew has managed to find a way to make disability accessible to everyone. In all honesty, he is constantly changing the way I think and understand the world. For that I am eternally appreciative. Keep going Andrew.

Rahim Thawer (Mental Health counsellor, affective consulting)

Andrew's writing and podcasts invite us into a world where he puts himself on the line to answer questions we're afraid to ask and to share experiences many of us will never have to live through as able-bodied people. He makes himself vulnerable so the rest of us can get a glimpse into the journey where queerness and disability meet.

Dominick Evans of #FilmDis Review 

Andrew is exploring themes that other people dare not touch when it comes to lived disabled experiences. Being open, and not afraid to talk about sex, sexuality, and how those pertain to disability is a conversation we need to be having, and through Andrew's work he has been able to pave the way into telling stories that might otherwise be considered too taboo. Check out the amazing work he is doing, and listen to his podcast to learn more!

Peter's Review 

What a blessing it is to have Andrew come into my life. I am grateful for his diligence with all things related to disability. His brave, bold insightful perspective into the taboo subjects of disability & sexuality are revolutionary. Having shared two separate podcasts with him regarding my own disabilities, I found Andrew to be engaging, compassionate, logical, and hilarious. This is groundbreaking stuff here: positive awareness that needs and should be heard. A candid revealing glimpse whether you are disabled, a caregiver, LGBT, have a chronic illness, cancer; highly recommend everyone and anyone listen to be informed and enlightened. No amount of text or verbiage can thank Andrew enough! His fierce devotion to these causes has a strong voice and it is my sincere hope that it will only continue to get louder.

Sabrina's review 

 Having long-time been a fan of Andrew Gurza's blog, I was excited to listen to his new Disability with Drew podcast. I wasn't disappointed. Andrew discusses topics like micro-aggressions, disability terminology, and content creation with wit, humour, intelligence and a sense of fun. Bravo to Andrew for bringing disability awareness into the mainstream!

Kate Hazell (The 519 community centre)

Heaps of thanks to Andrew Gurza for emceeing at "Tell It Like It Is: Aging & Disability", an intergenerational event featuring the lived experiences of LGBTQ elders. Andrew’s insights are tender, hot, provocative and intersectional. A fierce commitment to community is apparent in his work and we are deeply lucky to have him on the team.

Jack Lamon (Come as you are co-op)

Working with Andrew in conjunction with our co-op, Come As You Are, has been as much fun as it has been educational! Andrew's endless energy and enthusiasm for sex and disability (with an emphasis on the sex) has reinvigorated our own passion for our work. With so few informed voices advocating for the expansion of sex culture to include all of us, Andrew's work isn't just important, it is absolutely necessary.


Warren brown (Travel Health insurance ass.)

Andrew continues to impress with his ability to easily relate an issue to an audience. His delivery is funny, direct and comfortable. He's passionate about his work, which is also, inspiring. One is very lucky to have Andrew Gurza in your corner.

Pam's review

Andrew is using his natural talent for storytelling and his engaging personality to make disability a topic that is accessible for everyone. His podcast is hilarious, informative and comfortable. When I hear his voice welcoming me to the episode, I'm instantly drawn in. Do yourself a favour and subscribe to the podcast.

Eva Sweeney, Disability Consultant & Sex Educator 

As a queer person with cerebral palsy myself, I know Andrew's work is vital and needed. There's a serious lack of sex-positive resources for people with disabilities. Andrew's work via his writing, speaking engagements and podcast do a lot to fill that void.He discusses sex in a way that is accessible to everyone, disabled and non-disabled. Everyone would learn at least one new thing and i know they will definitely enjoy doing so.

Danny Mathews Assistant Director LGBT Resource Center – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

I first met Andrew in February 2015 when he served as a panelist at the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference. Each time since then, my interactions with Andrew have been professional and insightful. The LGBT/ Queer Studies and Services office at Illinois State University was excited to have Andrew join the 2016 Presidential Speaker’s Series where he shared his story. Andrew’s work examining the intersections of queerness and disability deliver universal messages about invoking your own sexual agency and autonomy that leave audiences pondering the relationship they have with their body from all vantages. I highly recommend Andrew as a disability awareness consultant, and I can’t wait to host him at my new campus!

Michael Iantorno, Accessible Media Inc 

I've had the pleasure of working with Andrew on a variety of projects here at Accessible Media Inc, including one-on-one interviews, panel discussions, and live morning show segments. Although the formats and topics can vary, Andrew's approach is always the same: he provides an honest, intelligent, provocative, and insightful perspective on issues important to our audience.

Julie Hicks' Review

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I'm up to episode 5 and can't get through them quickly enough. As the parent of a 13 year old with cerebral palsy, I've been desperately seeking real information on sex and disability, but none of it was as honest and as raw as this. It's so vital for able bodied parents to hear this stuff!

Plus, the peek into your life and childhood have been such an asset to help me see things from my teen's perspective rather than my own. The insights they're providing me will help equip me with so much to help my teen find her way in the world. I'm very grateful for them,..:o)

Aaron's review (Health initiative for men vancouver)

As a speaker, consultant and presenter, Andrew is thoughtful, thorough, challenging and provocative. He will hold your audience captivated while simultaneously creating a space where personal sharing of stories is safe and cherished. When organizations in Vancouver chose Andrew as our keynote speaker, we got far more than we paid for. In Andrew, you will find someone who can speak to the under-voiced issue of disability in a way that anyone can understand. His message brings hope and light to a topic so often fraught with blame. Andrew inspires me every day to make myself and my world more accessible, and I do this, because in his patient and fun-filled way, he made himself accessible to me.


Lilian's Review (University of toronto sexual education center coordinator)

Andrew's presentation was impeccable in that he delivered his material across very concisely and clearly while still maintaining a sense of humor. The audience left the workshop telling me they felt like they learned something new and genuinely enjoyed his work. Andrew was able to maintain a balance of including personal stories while relating them to the general audience, which I found to be insightful. Additionally, Andrew's work is quite significant and I'm glad I had the chance to work and interact with him.

Noah Michelson, editor director, huffington post queer voices

Andrew Gurza's writing is provocative, insightful and emotionally intelligent. He shares his experiences with an unflinching honesty that both enlightens and provokes thought and he pushes his readers to consider parts of the world -- and of what it means to be alive -- that they may not have encountered before in unexpectedly beautiful and brilliant ways.

Stacie's review

The work Andrew is doing is so very important, not only for the disability community, but the whole world over. Andrew is brutally honest, hilarious, and brings such a forceful and intelligent voice to all issues surrounding disability, but the fact that he has tackled sex and disability is hugely impactful and a crucial piece of the discussion that has yet to be touched with any sort of persistence or depth. I have been immensely enjoying Disability After Dark and look forward to new episodes every week. Tune in and you will surely learn something new and have a lot of laughs along the way. Thank you, Andrew! You are a pillar to this community and deserve every success ahead of you.

Kelle's review

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew on an episode of Disability After Dark. During the episode, we discussed parallels between the disability and transgender community in regards to embodiment and sexuality. Working with Andrew has been an incredible way to form coalitions between our communities and forge connections between various identities. I really appreciate Andrew's passion for amplifying the discussion around disability and sexuality. Andrew brings forth significant insights and is a powerful voice within the disability community. I highly recommend hosting him to speak at your university or organization - there is something for everyone to gain and learn from what Andrew brings to discussions. Thank you so much for the opportunity to collaborate and the immense pleasure of getting to know you!

Mandy's Review 

Andrew is a man who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. He pushed the boundaries set forth by society on sex and disability in a way that is relatable to all who read his blogs or listen to his podcast. His work showcases his passion, and nothing else can compare to it. I highly recommend giving him a look or a listen. You will not be disappointed

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