what is #disaybled?

diSAYbled is a brand and campaign aimed at sharing the lived experience of disability, and looking at how disability feels.  We are so often afraid to talk about disability and the disabled experience in our society today.   Whether we are talking about visible or invisible disabilities, employment, attendant care, sexuality and so much more, we need to become comfortable saying the words DISABILITY and DISABLED.   By using diSAYbled, I want to give the disability community a platform to talk about their experiences being disabled.  We need to hear these stories, and the diSAYbled campaign will help us to do just that, while using language that seeks to validate and not erase that experience.

What is DisabilityAfterDark?


DisabilityAfterDark is a brand aimed at talking about sexuality and disability.   There is so much fear, discomfort misinformation around sex and disability out there today. DisabilityAfterDark and Andrew Gurza want to shine a big bright light on how sexuality and disability feels for real - uncensored.   Through podcasts, blogs and presentations DisabilityAfterDark offers you a unique glimpse into sex and disability that shines a light on the intersectionality of sex and disability, the fun found in sex and disability, and the vulnerability of sex and disability that we very rarely talk about.