Depictions of disability:

Here I have put all the amazing artwork that I have commissioned for the AndrewGurza brand.  Each of these illustrations are important because they situate disability at the forefront, and depict disability in ways we have not seen.  Illustrator Ryan Howe created these beautiful images, while Graphic Designer Emily Gillis ensured they stayed in line with the brand.


This idea came to me one day when I was thinking about the ways that we can resist in our society.  Disability is taboo and so is queer sexuality, so I thought why not put the two together.  I also think that "Kiss A Queer Cripple" is a great way to remember and include the disabled community within the lgbtq+ community, not to mention that the illustration is sexy as fuck.  Use the #KissAQueerCripple hashtag on social media to support disability representation in the queer community.